Handmade production of decorative and promotional candles

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FARTUNA, spol. s r.o. – handmade production of decorative and promotional candles


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We have been a candle manufacturer for over 14 years focusing on traditional handcrafting of decorative, gift and promotional items, including candles, candleholders, figurines and a wide variety of giftware and souvenirs.

Our candles are made exclusively by hand in our own factory in Kladno close to Prague in the Czech Republic. Our well-developed capabilities allow us to respond to all inquiries exceptionally individually and produce high-quality products in a timely manner.

In contrast to manufacturers of classic candles, we produce a wide selection of shaped, decorative and promotional candles, varying in classic color schemes and ornamental design.

Our extensive experience in making decorative and promotional candles, allows us to implement an endless variety of shapes and ornaments by creating promotional, possibly commemorative items and souvenirs according to our customers' suggestions and ideas.

Machine-made candles, e.g. imported from China, are produced on a large scale. Compared to machine manufacturers, we offer traditional handmade production, thus also small handcrafted series. Our products will always be original.

Every customer who contact us with his own ideas and suggestions for creating and purchasing decorative, promotional, commemorative and gift candles or articles of another material, receives our full-service from designing a first candle draft and handcrafting throught to packaging and delivering.

We market our candle products and accessories for both the commercial and consumer markets. We offer retailers, wholesalers and distributors attractive cooperation conditions under which we agree upon minimum order quantities individually. Orders may be picked up at our warehouse or may be delivered directly to your doorstep.

Contact us and you will be satisfied with our products.

You can found more here in catalogue.

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